"Material Exploration via Playful Making"



September - Paris Design Week, Gallery Joseph.

March - LoveYourself exhibition at Roshi Gallery, London, featured in Architectural Digest China.


September - Paris Design Week, Vertbois. 


October - Building BloQs, Waste = Materials, London.

British Born Hong Kong artisan Rickie is a Materials Explorer who loves to go through the process of experimenting unconventional ways of making. He laboriously practices sustainable design by using waste materials around the world to make with and turn into new objects in metals, woods, plastics, organics, fabrics, ceramics, composites and stones. 

With a background in Architectural Studies at University College London and Drawing Methodologies from The Slade School of Fine Arts, Rickie uses different mediums to convey his passion for making with materials.  

Instagram: r.cheuk 


+44 20 8922 9015